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Arena Football League already in trouble?

(Phoenix, AZ) — The Arena Football League (AFL), an attempt to revive the longtime league of the same name, is facing questions about its survivability. Iowa Rampage owners have called on Minneapolis attorney and league commissioner Lee Hutton to resign, saying he “destroyed not only the AFL’s revival…but player’s hopes and dreams.” Iowa announced they were folding after one game. Rapid City says the league “failed to meet financial obligations.” Among other issues: Philadelphia’s replacing its roster with another franchise’s due to a player walkout; the Montana franchise removing an opponent from its schedule over concerns over the use of cattle fencing at the field; the N-F-L Network announcing it terminated a T-V deal over non-payment. Sunday, the Minnesota Myth released a statement encouraging fans to attend the team’s upcoming game, despite reports of a player walkout over working conditions. The A-F-L has previously folded twice, the most recent in 2019. Hutton is a former Golden Gopher football player.