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Boys VB closer to being a MSHSL Sport…and other MSHSL news

Boys Volleyball took another step in its journey as a Minnesota State High School League-sanctioned activity when the Board of Directors approved competitive sections and the dates for the inaugural season. Eighty-five teams are registered to participate when Boys Volleyball debuts in the spring of the 2024-2025 school year.

Boys Volleyball, organized under the leadership of the Minnesota Boys Volleyball Association, will play its final state tournament as an emerging activity on June 12-13 at Shakopee High School. During the 2024-2025 school year, Boys Volleyball will start the week of March 17 with the state tournament the week of June 9, 2025.

“This is another exciting step for Boys Volleyball,” said Board President Jim Smokrovich, principal at East Ridge High School in Woodbury. “The Board of Directors has done a great job of being thorough in this process as Boys Volleyball has evolved from a club sport, to emerging status, and on to a League-sanctioned activity next year.”

In other Action Items, Board of Directors:

  • Approved the Tournament Calendar and Meeting Dates for the 2024-2025 school year. Tournament dates for Football, Track and Field and Baseball are to be determined.
  • Approved the final draft of the Sunset Policy established by the Adoption of Programs Task Force. This policy creates a multi-step approach to considering options for programs that have fewer than 32 teams participating. Growing programs in other schools and maintaining them for students remains a priority under the leadership of the League or under guidance from another organization.
  • Approved an Executive Committee recommendation to affirm Ruttger’s Bay Lake Resort as the host site for the 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 Board Workshop and August Board of Directors Meeting.
  • Approved an Executive Committee recommendation to call a task force to lead the transitioning of the League to a grades 9-12 organization.

In Discussion Items, the Board of Directors reviewed Winter Activity Advisory Proposals for 2024-2025.

  • Boys and Girls Alpine Skiing — This proposal seeks an allowance to use any available video to protest a disqualification but would not allow video evidence to implement a disqualification. Currently, the jury does not consider any video review in responding to appeals.
  • Boys and Girls Basketball — The first proposal seeks to add a Minnesota Rule Modification to the NFHS Basketball Rules Book on the Basket Interference rule. The second proposal is to seed the quarterfinals of the state tournaments for all classes, Nos. 1-8.
  • Boys Hockey — The first proposal seeks to align the classification process for Boys Hockey with the method used in all other team sports. The current placement process places the largest 64 teams and any opt-ups into Class AA. The new proposal would limit Class AA to 64 total teams comprised of opt-ups and the largest teams by enrollment. The second proposal is to seed the quarterfinals of the state tournaments for both classes, Nos. 1-8.
  • Girls Hockey — This proposal seeks to seed the quarterfinals of the state tournaments for both classes, Nos. 1-8.
  • Boys and Girls Nordic Skiing — The first proposal seeks to remove hats and headgear from inclusion in the uniform requirements under Rule 206.1.1 and 206.1.2 unless graphic illustrations are inappropriate. The second proposal seeks to implement a factor system for events, including section and state for student-participants who have confirmed their Para classification with the U.S. Paralympics.
  • Wrestling — The first proposal is to increase the number of Girls-Only events that do not count toward a team limit of 16, from four to eight. The second proposal seeks to codify the required format used for section individual tournaments. The proposal would require sections with 10 or more teams to administer a two-day tournament. The third proposal seeks the addition of full wrestlebacks for the individual state tournament.

In additional Discussion Items, the Board:

  • Reviewed the process for transitioning the League to include ninth grade in its governance. The newly formed task force will lead the work of bringing Ninth Grade Governance to the League. The process of calling for a member school vote and potential language to amend the Constitution was also discussed.
  • Discussed the League’s Name, Image and Likeness policy. The policy protects the amateur status participants. With the changing practices related to students’ use of their Name, Image and Likeness, the Board of Directors and League Staff will continue to review and adjust policies as needed.

The Minnesota State High School League’s Board of Directors will meet next on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.