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Extra Speed Enforcement Now On Minnesota Roads

As Minnesotans take to the roads for summer fun they can expect law enforcement to be waiting to catch speeders. 

Officials say a speed enforcement campaign started May 1st and will continue through Labor Day weekend. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 87 percent of all speeding-related traffic deaths across the U.S. occurred on non-interstate roads in 2022. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says “many speeding-related fatalities occur on other roads that are designed for lower speeds and have intersections, oncoming traffic and pedestrians”.

Office of Traffic Safety Director Mike Hanson says “traffic deaths are well ahead of last year at this time. We have to work together to stay safe as we look forward to Memorial Day and summertime fun.”

As of April 30th, 100 people have died on Minnesota roads due to speeding, impairment and other dangerous driving choices compared to 69 last year at this time.