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Former President Trump to be Keynote Speaker at MN Republican Party Dinner

(Learfield News/St. Paul, MN) – Former President Donald Trump will keynote the Republican Party of Minnesota’s annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner, on May 17th at Saint Paul’s Rivercentre.

Minnesota GOP Chairman David Hann says there are indications from the Trump campaign that they consider Minnesota a battleground state. He states the polling is “very, very close — within the margin of error.”

Trump has vowed to win Minnesota this fall. In March he said, “I thought we won it last time, I’ll be honest. And I think we did win it.”

D-F-L Party Chairman Ken Martin says “Minnesota voters have repeatedly rejected Donald Trump and his efforts to ban abortion, take away their health insurance, and attack our democracy. Republicans up and down the ballot will have to answer for why they are abandoning Minnesota values and kissing Donald Trump’s ring.”