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“Isaac’s Voice” Bill Passes 2024 Legislative Session

(Learfield News/St. Paul, MN)  A bill nicknamed “Isaac’s Voice” was passed in this year’s legislative session, compelling authorities to let legal guardians of children know when an order for protection (OFP) has been lifted.

Co-author of the bill, Republican Representative Dean Urdahl of Grove City, says in 13-year-old Isaac Hoff’s case, his grandmother was never made aware the OFP placed on Isacc’s mother’s ex-boyfriend, Houston Morris, was revoked before allowing him to visit his mother.

Urdahl says, “It’s not going to bring Isaac back, but it might help us stop such terrible things from happening in the future.”

Hoff from Olivia, MN, was fatally stabbed in the chest when getting in between Morris and his mother during a fight in March 2022.

Morris entered a plea agreement last year and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

(Photo: Dirks-Blem Funeral Service)