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Lainey Wilson’s Boyfriend Inspired Her Hit Song 4x4xU

The mystery has been solved.   Is Lainey Wilson dating anyone?    The answer is Yes!

Is he the inspiration for her song “4x4xU”?   The answer- also Yes!

His name may ring a bell for football fans because he spent time with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a quarterback and now works in real estate.    His college football coach gave him the nickname “Duck” but his real name is Devlin Hodges.   Lainey was introduced to him back in 2021 through mutual friends and the rest is history!

Lainey talked about their first date: “We went to this old place called Silverados, and it had free beer and wine from 5 to 10 p.m.  I was like, ‘This boy likes to ball on a budget too. This is gonna work out.’ ”

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PHOTO CREDIT:  Devlin Hodges (@devlinhodges) • Instagram photos and videos