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Longtime Gopher Hockey Announcer retiring

(Minneapolis, MN) — Long-time Golden Gopher men’s hockey announcer Frank Mazzocco (muh-ZOCK-koh) announced yesterday that he would be retiring from his position as color analyst on the Gopher Radio Network. Mazzocco has been broadcasting Gopher hockey for 35 years, including many years as the popular play-by-play television announcer for Minnesota. He joined the Gopher Radio Network in 2011, pairing with Wally Shaver, who will continue to call the games on the radio. The 72-year-old Mazzocco says he will spend more time with his wife of 50 years Deb, as well as with his children and grandkids. There is no announcement of his replacement as color analyst on the radio, although former Gopher star Pat Micheletti (MICK-uh-lett-ee) has been part of the radio broadcast crew part time for several years and could slot into the position full time.