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More Bears Reported in TRF Area

Authorities in the Thief River Falls area continue to receive nuisance-bear complaints.

Conservation Officer Jeremy Woinarowicz reminds homeowners to remove items from certain areas so as to not draw bears. 

Bears can be attracted to more than just sweets, meats and compost piles. Property owners should be aware that fruit, vegetables, bird seed, Barbecue grills and dirty diapers will attract animals looking for a meal. Bears will be attracted to pet foods stored in bins and sheds. If you are feeding pets outside, be sure that all pet food is consumed at a single feeding. 

Wildlife officials recommend washing and rinsing garbage cans regularly since bears may be attracted by odors. Placing ammonia, bleach, or camphor in the cans may reduce food odors but is not a guarantee that bears will avoid the trash. 

Once the animals have a taste for human food, they will be more difficult to repel or frighten.