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Pope County Farm Family of the Year

This year’s farm family of the year for Pope County is the Vold family.

The Vold family farm was homesteaded in 1899 by Anna and Elling Vold. It was a diverse farm consisting of dairy cows, hogs, laying chickens and row crops.
In 1994, the Volds expanded from 48 milk cows (mostly Guernsey) in a tie-stall barn to 300 Holstein cows housed in a six-row free stall facility and milked in a double-8 herringbone milking parlor.

The Vold farm is now known as Dorrich Dairy, Inc. and is home to slightly less than 500 dairy cows.

The farm is now owned by the fourth generation of the Vold Family. The Co-owners are Brad and Suzanne Vold, who are helped by their children Anna, Erik and Katy, and Greg and Charity Vold and their children, Adric, Roran and Braigh. Charity also owns and operates Kiddo Kountry Day Care on the home farm.

Congratulations to the Vold family on being this year’s Pope county farm family.