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Afternoons With Murphy

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Murphy is the familiar voice that guides listeners through the afternoons on Bigfoot 105.5, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his impressive 18-year tenure in radio. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Murphy embarked on his radio journey in his hometown before spreading his wings and venturing to various locations across the country. His career has taken him on a remarkable journey, with stops in southern Utah, the vicinity of Las Vegas, the scenic landscapes of Butte, Montana, the rugged terrain of Gillette, Wyoming, and the quaint charm of Jamestown, North Dakota. Each stop along the way has enriched Murphy’s understanding of different communities and allowed him to connect with listeners from diverse backgrounds. He has been an integral part of the radio scene in this great state, bringing his signature style, wit, and passion for broadcasting to the airwaves each day. With Murphy at the helm, listeners can count on an entertaining and engaging afternoon filled with great music, lively conversation, and a genuine connection to the heart of Minnesota.