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The Search for the Next Rock of the North Starts This Monday!

The Rock of the North will be hidden starting Monday, June 10th.

Week 1’s Rock was hidden near Lake Minnewaska, while this rock will be hidden somewhere else.


We will release clues at 10am and 2pm at our sponsor locations. Here is a list of where to find the clues:

Jake’s Bikes
Mohr Plumbing and Heating
Heartland Motor Company
Midwest Irrigation and Electric
Thrivent Financial – Wayne Grunklee
Minnewaska Marine
The Fireside – Met Lounge
MeadowLand Market
EcoWater Systems

Make sure you are signed up for our mail newsletter as we will release a BONUS clue at noon. Text “club” to 320-589-3131 and you will be added to our mail newsletter.

The Search is ON!!!