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Week 2 of The Rock of the North has begun!

Rock of the North is here! It’s your chance to win $500 dollars if you’re the first to find the Rock. We’ll be hiding a rock every week for the four weeks in June.

You’ll be able to stop into any one of our sponsors and get clues to where the Rock is hidden each week. The sponsors will post new clues at 10:00AM and 2:00PM each weekday. There’ll also be a Noon bonus clue emailed to you each day if you’re part of our Newsletter club. Make sure you’re getting that bonus clue by texting the word “Club” to 320-269-8815.


Stop in to our sponsored locations for the clues: Schwietter’s Ford, The Salty Heifer, Riverside Bottle Shoppe, Fiesta City Liquor, and NAPA Auto Parts of Montevideo and Granite Falls.