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Woman Guilty of Child Neglect Following the Death of a Child

A federal jury has found a Red Lake woman guilty of child neglect following the death of a child in her care. 

According to U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger, Sharon Rosebear, (63) intentionally deprived a child of necessary food and health care over the course of 2022. The child died from the combined effects of starvation and infection. Rosebear and her co-defendant, Julius Fineday Senior were both federally charged. Rosebear was charged with felony child neglect resulting in substantial harm. Fineday was charged with second degree manslaughter. 

The evidence at trial established that Rosebear was reasonably able to provide for the child’s nutrition and healthcare, including evidence establishing that healthcare and transportation to healthcare is free within the Red Lake Nation, and that all of the adults and children involved in the case received nutritional and cash assistance adequate to meet their basic needs, and that Rosebear nonetheless intentionally deprived the child of those basic needs by withholding food, and by looking the other way while their health deteriorated. 

The evidence at trial showed the child died at the same weight she had been nearly three years earlier, and that while Rosebear was aware of a severe lice infestation. Rosebear responded by keeping the child isolated rather than seeking medical attention.  

Following a six-day trial in U.S. District Court, Rosebear was found guilty of felony child neglect. Rosebear’s co-defendant, Julius Fineday Sr., entered a guilty plea to his charge prior to trial on March 25, 2022. Their sentencing hearings will be scheduled at a later date.